I was having challenges with overall health & recovery. Quality of my training sessions was dramatically reduced, and I would often fall sick towards the end of an 8 week training cycle or after a big competition. Sleep was scarce and I just felt I wasn’t recovering mentally and physically.

I’m currently following Fi’s lifestyle recommendations, including optimizing my nutrition, and I’m finding fewer small injuries and reduced swelling in my calves and improved overall recovery. I now sleep 8hours a night and haven’t needed to take any antibiotics.

Her vast experience, plus being able to understand the importance of what I do as an athlete makes Fi qualified to advise me. But also her ability to understand the importance of my general health outside and beyond my athletic career, which is hard to find in most sports systems as they often focus on you current health not your future health.

I would recommend you to anyone looking help with their health. One of the things I’ve learnt and benefited from by working with you, is that even someone who is fit and healthy, as well as the average person, can benefit and improve their health and life by working with you.

I am 100% satisfied with my results, and I believe my overall health has improved.’

Portia Bing – one of NZ’s top Heptathletes – 1st National Heptathlon (for 2 consecutive years), 1st Long jump European Juniors



I have greatly appreciated Fi’s skill, care and coaching since July 2019 when I began my Mentoring programme. The biggest changes I have noticed are my increased confidence and ability to plan forwards, meet and adjust goals. This is in contrast to my previous anxiety, backwards-looking and intense ‘navel-gazing’.

I am living less in my head and more in the world. For the first time in 20 years I have felt confident enough to sign up for and start on a professional training course. My confidence in all areas of my life is greatly increased and I am feeling happier and much more relaxed in myself plus much less anxious.

I know that this has been because Fi has been walking beside me and I am amazed and so appreciative of Fi’s guidance, support and encouragement along the way.

I would highly recommend anyone considering self-work to undertake a period of Healthy LifeStyle coaching under Fi’s most compassionate and skilful guidance.

-Debbi Laycock- landlady, retired college teacher and lecturer, Sussex, UK



I met Fi at the end of September 2020, and within five minutes of talking to her I felt I had a life time friend. Fi’s holistic approach to life got me interested – especially as she radiates total health and wellbeing.


I am a registered nurse and massage therapist myself and I can see that Fi walks the talk. I’m 65 years old and have maintained good health, although

I was at a bit of an impasse and was ready to find appropriate guidance.

This year had challenged me with retirement for both myself and my husband, my husband having back surgery, moving home and my son being killed in a work accident.

I had contracted shingles and as a health professional I knew that this was my body’s cry for help. I took the recommended medication but knew I needed something else.


I attended one of Fi’s ‘Healthy Aging…Naturally’ workshops and was introduced to some Nutritionals to help my body’s maintenance and balance.

I was keen to supplement my diet as my appetite has really changed during this challenging year and I know I am not getting the nutrients I require to get me feeling 100% again.


I also receive consults from Fi. Being a qualified osteopath, Fi has the knowledge that’s needed, and after my consults I feel deeply relaxed, sleep well and now notice a decrease in discomfort I’d been putting up with.

Fi also gives me exercises to do that are based on my specific health picture, and they’ve made such a difference to my movement and total wellbeing.

I would recommend Fi’s approach to anybody, regardless of what you’re going through.


I would never have believed how much my body’s wellbeing was affected by the trauma of this year, and I used to think that you went for medical help after injury. Fi’s professional medical approach to my body’s needs is just amazing. She is a holistic professional realigning my body back to total health.


I know I am on the road to total health again and could not have done it without Fi’s intervention. I’m now looking forward to many more years of total wellbeing.

Thanks again Fi!

-Christine Hodges- retired nurse, massage practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand


Generally, I would consider myself in the ‘enjoying excellent health’ category with a few minor niggles.  I’ve learned coping skills over the years to deal with these ‘minor niggles’ and to not allow them focus.  However, in my 50’s there has been a distinct ‘stepping up’ in occurrence and intensity of these niggles making them more and more difficult to ignore.  I’m talking about constipation, eczema and intermittent lower back and knee pain.  Given that I’m active, eat healthy and have relatively low stress I was becoming frustrated with my worsening health outlook, refusing to accept ‘it’s just old age’ but having no idea how to address it.

I do believe the universe provides if you allow it, and totally by chance I met Fi.  I was immediately drawn to her.  She exudes energy, vitality, knowledge and positivity.

Although I believe aging shouldn’t equal health issues, Fi really confirmed that for me.   Her holistic approach allowed us to review my nutrition, exercise, emotional balance, hydration and physical wellbeing.   I was delighted to attend a workshop run by Fi to discuss Healthy Aging, naturally, including the benefits of appropriate Nutritionals and even more delighted to find out that Fi has extensive experience with my supplement brand of choice.

Fi’s helping me keep current on the most appropriate Nutritionals Protocol for my specific health picture. I’m very happy with the digestive and energy benefits which I noticed immediately and continue to experience.

Fi’s guided me to adjust my exercise program including taking up regular walking and have seen a positive, measureable impact – including on my cholesterol profile which is of course creating a cascade of other positive health benefits.

I’ve been fortunate to have a number of emotional balance counselling sessions with Fi.  Her confidence and ‘gentle way of being’ allowed me a safe space to explore the emotional issues that were creating painful, ongoing relationship and health issues.  This allowed me to re-evaluate many of my emotional responses and to start to be more responsive and less reactive.

For some time, I’d also been having issues with my right knee and have sought medical advice (from a number of specialists) on why it’s painful when climbing stairs.  The general consensus I’d been told was that ‘there’s nothing wrong, just aches and pains of aging’.  As Fi is a qualified osteopath, I asked her to investigate.  After two sessions and assigned exercises, I’m excited to be experiencing reduced pain in my knee and lower back.  Fi identified a problem at the back of my knee and set about addressing it – with success!

Fi has been instrumental in empowering me to look at myself as a whole and also to see myself in the context as connected to everything.  Consulting with Fi has ‘given me permission’ to be ‘awake’ and allow myself to be me.

Fi has many formal qualifications around osteopathy and nutrition and many decades of experience, although it’s her willingness to guide rather than to dictate that makes what she offers so powerful.  Fi knows that the human body is capable of healing itself if you can provide the right environment and she is a guru at guiding you to do just that.

What makes Fi so versatile is that she had her own battles to overcome her significant negative health issues.  She is able to speak and practice from personal experience gifting her with deep insight, compassion and wisdom.

Fi inspires confidence and trust (and a little awe).  She believes in balance but is very realistic about how to achieve it. Fi is a healer for the heart, mind and body.

You’ve changed my life Fi, I wasn’t fully awake until I met you – Thank you!


-Alison North- geologist, former business analyst and project manager, busy mother- Matakana, New Zealand


Before I started working with Fi I was in pain every day, and have always been a tense person. The pain I was feeling included pain in my sternum and spine (8.5 out of 10 on a pain scale). I was also having pain in my ribs on my left side and thigh pain (7.5 on a pain scale.)

Since working with Fi, my pain is often down to a 4.5, which has positively impacted my quality of life. For example, I was able to wash my hair recently without being in severe pain. 

I am also more relaxed in my body which is a first for me and it’s simply wonderful to feel well, which I have not felt in over a year. 

I noticed that I’m now doing my breathing exercises throughout the day without even thinking about it, plus the relaxation techniques Fi has given me are very helpful for me.

After one of my consults with Fi I felt much lighter and much more free. I felt as though I was more in touch with my true self. This is something that I have not experienced for a long time if ever at all.

Since then my husband has noticed a change in me. He says I am spicier now and he loves it. He loves seeing me starting to live without fear. 

I feel that with Fi being an experienced health coach and a qualified osteopath, she’s well versed in multiple aspects of health and wellness. This gives her many different levels on which to help me. She truly listens and also guides me on the best ways to listen to my own body. 

Fi is helping me address my physical ailments as well as guiding me with my nutritional questions. 

I would recommend her services to anyone. She is wonderful to work with.

– Alethea Campbell, health coach, mother – New Hampshire, USA

When I first connected with Fi, I was feeling heavy, sluggish and lacking in energy.

Fi and I went over my health history and she recommended that I begin taking a specific Nutritional to balance out my system and work with my nutrition and physical activity.

Fi was very careful to take into account my doctor’s findings to make sure her recommendations are the ideal fit for what I need. The routine change was challenging as I kept forgetting to take the Nutritionals in the afternoon. Fi’s made some great suggestions for making sure I remember until it’s now simply become part of my daily routine.

The research that Fi has done is phenomenal!  She was able to provide me with answers and written information to questions that I asked. As an osteopath and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I’m assured of Fi’s knowledge and dedication to wellness and well-being.

I would say to anyone considering working with Fi that she has a wealth of knowledge and is able to guide people towards optimal health in ways that are not overwhelming but are achievable and sustainable.

Fi is a wonderful, caring, open and knowledgeable person and coach. She is calm but passionate about health and helping others live their best lives.

–Cindy Levine, Web Designer, Health and Business Coach- Vermont, USA

After recovering from an injury to my right Achilles tendon and beginning to run on roads and hills again, I started to get a severe pain in my left knee.

When I consulted Fi, she worked on my spine, nervous system and several of my muscle groups. She explained that as I had not been stretching properly whilst rehabbing, certain muscle groups that could be effecting my knee were tight and needed recalibrating, to allow realignment of my joints and more freedom of movement etc. Fi also suggested I have regular, therapeutic, deep tissue massage and complete a set of stretches each day.

After several days of doing Fi’s suggested set of stretches and receiving the massage, I found that my knee was in fact becoming less and less painful until after several weeks the pain had gone.

I have known Fi for many years, so knew of her background in Osteopathy and her passion for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I therefore had no qualms about asking for her help. I would also readily recommend her to others who need the guidance in general lifestyle, including nutrition and exercise, or in terms of recovery from aches and pains from daily life or from an injury.

–Steve Haywood-Computer Systems Analyst, Auckland, New Zealand

I began my LifeStyle Alignment Program with Fi to be lighter and energetic, have more energy and excitement for life, be smarter and calmer, and reduce my prescribed medication. After just 3 months I’ve noticed many changes, including the following

– I’ve started choosing healthier drink options rather than coke, am having less cravings for salty and sweet foods (even when I’m tired or stressed; and I’m so much more aware of the way that I’m feeling affects my food choices), plus I’ve noticed I’m being positively proactive with my eating habits including my meal and snack options – even when I’m working overseas.

I’ve been sticking to my exercise routine and training program, despite it sometimes being challenging to both fit it into my schedule, or when having long work days.

The exercises Fi’s given me that I’m now doing to help rebalance my nervous system are really helping, and I’ve been creating more life-balance. I’m pleased that I’ve finally begun writing my book.

In fact, I’m now clearer about the most effective ways for me to maintain my general health, including my metabolism, weight and hormonal balance, and my nervous system.

I’m appreciating my increased energy (from a consistent 4/10 to now 8-9/10), especially in the evenings after a big day and even after a demanding training session including big bike rides, intense weights and interval training. Talking of training, I’ve been more consistent with frequency and reps.

My sleeping pattern has improved, despite frequent international travel, and I’ve noticed my first week of consistently sleeping all the way through the night until 5.30am.

My blood sugar score of 7.5 is becoming more my norm (rather than the usual 11-13 from three months ago), and consequently I’m talking with my GP about the best dosage of my medications, based on my improved results. I’m pleased to note my weight is gradually decreasing.

I’ve been reassessing my work situation based on my preferred life-work balance, and positive changes are already in the pipeline. I now have a strong sense that things are really coming together, and my healthy routines are now becoming a natural part of my life.

If you’re not sure whether it’s worth starting your LifeStyle Alignment Program with Fi, you have nothing to lose, only benefits to experience.

– Darrin Bull – Consultant Strategist, Auckland, New Zealand

I had been suffering from abnormal kidney function for more than three years when I started to consult Fi Jamieson-Folland. I’d also been struggling in several other areas including with excessive sweating (both day and night) which was uncomfortable. Plus I was getting sleepy each time I’d eaten.

More recently I was having challenges with my breathing plus when I swallowing. I was also aware of a rash on my leg that just wouldn’t go away.

I’d been trying different treatments including medications, but without consistent success. It was this point, in February 2020, that I was lucky enough to be introduced to Fi by my daughter. It’s important to me that she’s an experienced UK-qualified Osteopath (since 1992), and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

After my first 3 consults with Fi, it felt like a ‘miracle’! I’ve noticed many changes, including no more sweating and way less sleepiness after eating. I’m so pleased that I feel better in such a short time, when I’d experienced relatively little progress during those previous last three years.

Fi’s recommendations are often very simple, including optimal hydration for my specific needs, adjusting my intake of certain items including types of caffeine and sugar, persevering with breathing exercises, and a physical exercise program. Another vital step is my optimal Nutritional program and first-aid homeopathics that Fi’s guided me on and that she tailors to the needs of my own cells.

I believe Fi is the best Osteopath and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach you can find. I enjoy her sessions and her guidance is making such a positive difference in a very short time. I’m confident to highly recommend her and what she does.

Thank you Fi for your amazing work! I feel like a new person.

– Maria Marcella Campeanu – Mother and Grandmother, New Zealand

I have been working with Fi since January 2020. She offers a deep intuitive understanding to my body systems and patterns that’s shifted places within me I’d had trouble releasing in the past.

Her work not only includes knowledge of the physical body, and her nutritional guidance and support has meant I have more energy and clarity. I actually feel that I’m back to my pre-menopausal energy.

I recommend her services – she is an incredible gift as a healer. Thank you Fi

– Chalice Malcolm – Shamanic Practitioner, Group Facilitator,
Chocolatier, Medicine Drum Maker, Northland, New Zealand

I love Fi’s material on Brain Health.

When physical and mental wellness are the main drivers for our personal and professional happiness and success, it makes good sense to invest your time to see how you can optimize both, and recognize maximum positive results in the short and long term. After all – these are the building blocks of life.

– Adrian Miller – Smart Hustle Entrepreneur of The Year
– NYC, writer, business owner, New York, USA

I’m so delighted to recommend Fi Jamieson-Folland. She has been a friend, a mentor and an inspirational health inspirer over this last year I’ve known her, and I feel deeply honoured and privileged that we’ve been able to inspire one another.

Fi’s been able to create real practical and lasting support for me in my own journey of ongoing health and wellness and we’ve been able to spark ideas off one another for how to create the most joy and wellness-freedom for the people that we serve.

I’m wholeheartedly inspired and excited to recommend Fi’s work. She has provided me with inspiration and I know that she will be able to provide you or your clients with the inspiration that they need to shift from what may be a place of ‘stuckness’, discouragement and hopelessness when it comes to their health and well being, into a place of greater freedom and joy!

– Naomi Nygaard – Food and Bodyweight Freedom Facilitator
and Founder of Fab Freedom and Fab Thriving Programs, UK + Spain

I began my 5 month LifeStyle Alignment Program with Fi to help my lower back pain, feel more balanced and calm – especially in my nervous system.

Within just 3 months I’ve noticed many changes, including the following –
– Since working with Fi, I no longer have the lower back pain that I’d been experiencing for 6 years,
– I now feel calmer in myself – including physically, emotionally and mentally; with a sense of being balanced and grounded in my nervous system.
– I’ve noticed excellent quality sleep, and have felt lighter and happier. I’ve been clearer when planning and prioritising, including with several future projects that are now in line with both my personal and work passions, as well as my life-mission.
– I feel more empowered, and now have tools I’m able to regularly use to help my sense of physical and emotional well-being, in multiple ways. If you’re ready for results, I recommend you work with Fi – you’ll be pleased you did.

– Victoria Lim – Globally-based Gyrotonics Instructor and Trainer of Gyrotonics Instructors

I was recovering from Breast Cancer surgery and treatment, as well as several other health and lifestyle challenges, when I had the opportunity of consulting with Fiona Jamieson-Folland.
Fi has helped me with my general health and well-being, particularly my breathing and my thoracic spine function. I now have a far greater range of movement and I can sleep an entire night without pain.

Fi has helped me feel more relaxed, focused and even my sleep is so much better. I really enjoy the valuable well-being routines I now have in place, which also make a considerable difference for my general health. I’m definitely more empowered and clearer on my recovery-journey.

I would encourage you to be open to working with Fi. She has a holistic and very unique way of helping others. She’s very encouraging, calming, understanding and inspirational.

I thoroughly enjoy every minute I have the privilege of spending with this truly beautiful lady.

– Lyndal Wheeler – Business Owner, Auckland, New Zealand

Your brain health webinar was wonderful and you made some challenging science accessible to many, I’m sure. I love “brain” talks and I agree sleep is so important; especially with its relationship to our hormonal balance. I’m following lots of good routines with juicing etc, but need to keep refining my approach – so thank you for sharing.

– Monique Diamond – Entrepreneur, Queensland, Australia

I was having back discomfort and tension, which has gone from a level of 7/10 to now just 4/10. I had constant neck tension (it was at 9/10, and now generally only 5/10), plus a tight chest and mid back discomfort (which were at 9/10 – now just 5/10). I had anxiety for weeks at a time, which has gone from the maximum to just 1/10.

I was feeling stressed, partly triggered by past traumatic experiences, and this was affecting my skin; which is much less agitated now, with way fewer breakouts. My sleeping was disrupted (at 8/10 bad), and is now at just 2/10. In fact, it was an effort for me getting out of bed in the mornings; now I hardly ever notice this (it was 7/10; now just 1/10).

The easy to follow stretches, breathing techniques, plus keeping hydrated, tweaking my Nutritionals, and reassessing my exercise routine are making a huge difference for my general wellbeing and the symptoms I was having when I went to see Fi.

I find the biomechanical alignment has been most beneficial, and I notice positive changes afterwards. Being supported to discuss what’s happening for me in a safe environment with supportive guidance for solutions is a game changer.

Fi’s expertise in her field, with her gentle approach – especially with my traumatic past experiences, are making all the difference for me. I find Fi’s peaceful presence really helps me.

Fi has a wide experience in all areas of life and she’s open, plus supportive with a holistic, all-encompassing approach. Fi’s a living testimony of the processes she teaches; encompassing the whole picture including physical and emotional. She’s also great at explaining what she’s doing, with in-depth explanations so I learn a lot!

– Leeanne Beaton – Contracts Administrator, Auckland, New Zealand

Before connecting with Fi, I was finding it took me 5 days to recover from a big training or event, plus I was tired at the start of my day and was experiencing some injuries.
Since receiving guidance from Fi, I have a 60% quicker recovery (in 3 days rather than 5), I’m not so easily tired and sore after a long day, and I feel fitter to start my day.

I’m now more confident that I’ll be able to get better results with my preparation, recovery and injury-prevention, as I continue to learn more about the relevant specific parts of a healthy lifestyle that I need. Thanks Fi!”

– Sekasari Suyono – Ultra Distance Runner, Mother, Teacher, Java, Indonesia

Before meeting with Fi, I found I hard to fuel my body with enough of the ‘right’ stuff. Training 6 days a week means there’s a lot of eating – to have enough energy for everything, including when I’m not training!

Fi was able to guide me in the right direction by offering several different options for getting as many nutrients as possible from the foods I choose to eat. I found that adding to my regular diet gave me enough energy to train at a high level and get the most out of my work. These adjustments are also helping me to maintain good health.

Fi’s experienced in offering a wide variety of options to get the best for you in every situation.

– Nick Southgate – Pole Vaulter, Auckland, New Zealand

When I turn to someone for advice (information) on health, I look for three qualities. I want an expert practitioner who has a broad perspective on health care and can provide guidance on disease prevention as well as disease treatment. I want someone who is an expert listener and who will provide me with personalized advice that meets my needs and wishes. And importantly, I want guidance from someone who walks their talk; someone who obviously takes their own health seriously. Fiona Jamieson-Folland meets these criteria in full. She is an Osteopath with many years of clinical experience. She is a keen student of nutrition and its role in health. She has in intense interest in people, and she is intent on personalizing her advice. And she is a picture of health.

– Dr Tim Wood PHD – Senior Research Scientist, Utah, USA

Right from the start, I found the evaluation process helped me to go point by point to really scan my body deeper, plus consider any issues I had or do currently have. It triggered me to look back and see if there are any places where I can improve further. I spotted a need to focus on my sleep quality, my hair loss and some intercostal pain. Working with Fi, I’ve become more self-aware, and realise that I actually do not have as many problems with my sleep as I thought I had. Plus the resources and guidance from Fi are helping me to adjust my daily habits for the better. In fact my sleep is improving already!

Fi’s self-re-evaluation process gives me insights into even more ways I can still improve – even if I think I feel great right now. The effective process Fi takes me through is a new holistic approach to help my body in the long run, rather than just fixing one issue.

I’m now listening to my body even more, I have several new exercises, plus an awareness of my posture and even some limiting beliefs I’ve had. For me, this is a valuable investment in me.

I’ve trusted Fi from the very beginning of first coming across her – even before I met her. I can see that she lives and breathes what she is saying, teaching and sharing with the world. I love that we can connect on different levels, not only body, but also mind, energy and soul. I always leave each consult with very high energy and am self-motivated to take my next steps.

I appreciate the way Fi is a strong listener, with a positive approach and how she creates a safe place for being self-honest. She goes deeper on the problem, looks at the cause from different sides, and bases her recommendations on her own experience and knowledge. She also guides you and gives you the space to choose what works best for you.

Fi – you are a real inspiration!

– Elena Krayushkina, Writer, Entrepreneur, Solo Traveller, Lombok, Indonesia

When I first saw Fi I was experiencing digestive issues (cramps and immediate gas from any meal) after an extended water fast and 1 year raw vegan diet. I had noticed an ongoing lethargic weakness and depression.

During our session, we talked about the benefits of changing my diet back to include more cooked food and the potential value this could have for my digestive tract. I noticed after my treatment that my body released tension in my stomach, colon and liver. I also appreciate the simple method Fi taught me to gently release my ileocecal valve myself’ which was quite tight and reactive.

I also received benefit mentally from our discussion and Fi’s after-care which relaxed my mind. It also helped me see the possibility of a new dietary approach and yoga routine to regain my inner, core strength.

I especially appreciate Fi’s non dogmatic approach (which I find very rare in today’s health world). And her widespread knowledge on diet and health, plus her great care-fullness. I enjoy Fi’s clear and calming focus – including during my consultation, and I find her very compassionate on all occasions.

– Thanks a lot Fi!

– Joe Wehmeier – Traveller, Bali

A great big huge thank you Fi, for helping me to keep on pushing forwards and make significant progress with my health goals.

Over the 12 weeks of us working together, I’ve noticed a massive improvement from when I started, including experiencing an increase in my energy, plus a 50-100% improvement with all 16 of my symptoms.

I used to drink 10+ coffees a day – now I mostly drink herbal teas, plus I lost the craving to smoke.

This is a marked improvement from when I started and there’s one big thing that really stands out for me, that actually contributed to me being able to keep going, was the positive mind set I was able to maintain. This is largely due to your very gentle yet firm guidance. I’m so grateful.’

– Rozanne Hesler, Commercial and Administration Manager, UK

The biggest value for me from my consults with you Fi, has been being able to talk through my health concerns with you. I found your guidance encouraging, and I’ve since taken action in more areas to feel better in my life; including with eating better for my needs.

I think that your experience both personally and with clients with health challenges makes all the difference with your approach. And you’re such a great example of living your life to its fullest.

You’re a genuine, warm, lovely, beautiful soul and talking to you was so easy. You approach things gently and I felt you really heard me and understood, which helps me so much.

You’re an amazing woman and I’m so happy that I had a chance to meet you and experience my consults with you.

– Elisa Koskela – Area Manager, Oulu, Finland

Oh Fi I’m so grateful to you – you inspire me to examine my choices, and your webinar did so even more deeply. I loved hearing about nutrition – including and proven cellular nutrition. I also loved your suggestions for being more effective with my time. Thank you so much!

– Tara Oglia Karch – School Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Mum, Orlando, Florida, USA

Fi is a very kind, warm and loving person and I found it very easy to talk to her. When I met Fi I think my general health was pretty good but I had have problems with sleeping for a long, long time. Fi found the main reason for my sleeping problems with just one question and I’m sure that without her consultation I would never have realised what kept me sleepless.

Fi’s consultation got me thinking about my life in a new way and I have made radical changes in my life since then. I think it’s just amazing how well I have slept since then. In fact, before meeting Fi I would say my sleeping was 5/10 and now has been 9/10 (with 10 being excellent).

Fi’s way seeing of seeing my whole health picture is amazing. Besides ‘fixing’ my sleeping I’ve received great tips for both my nutrition and exercise, which I’ve been actioning.

I really recommend Fi’s consultations to everyone , and you really don’t need to have any major problems with your health to benefit.

I’m inspired and found our session empowering; Fi you’re amazing.

I told our Yoga Retreat group that my LifeStyle Alignment Consult with you was the most meaningful moment in the whole week.

You are a star -Thank you!

– Satu Vesala – Kindergarten Teacher, Mother, Finland

Fi’s workshop ‘Experience All-day Energy – Naturally’ was an inspirational talk from a therapist’s point of view as I loved the interactive element. Fi’s very engaging and I can see why she touches so many people’s lives.

Her enthusiasm + ability to swap from speaking to the whole group to an individual, but not allowing the individual to dominate; were inspiring on many levels.

– Caroline Westoll – Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, Sussex, UK

Fi keeps me on track concerning my goal of improving my health, and supports me with general health advice including my micro and macronutrition. Her check-ins are super valuable to me, plus I know Fi is just one message away if I have any questions.

Fi is very knowledgeable about solutions to a broad range of health challenges. The truly unique part is she is so positive and practices what she preaches which is amazingly inspiring. She also meets me where I am at the time and is a great listener. There is no pressure or ‘You should’; her approach is perfect!

I have been able to stay consistent with my health steps which has helped me with my gut and joint health, plus my energy levels. She also inspires me to dig in deeper and constantly improve many aspects of my life.

I recommend working with Fi for a minimum of 3 months so that you can see for yourself. One conversation will be enough to understand Fi’s passion and commitment to help you, although actually working with her will show you the real proof.

I am very blessed to have come across Fi! Her dedication, knowledge, empathy, compassion and approach to life is inspiring and life changing to clients fortunate enough to work with her.

– Kim Eagan – Wellness Coach, Cape Cod, USA

I was really struggling with pain in my shoulder, arm and collar bone, having visited various practitioners, including physiotherapists, osteopaths, thai massage therapists and an ozone therapist over a period of 3 -4 months with limited relief. I felt my pain was originally from a strain in my upper back 12 months prior.

I did not know what to expect with Fi; I had limited knowledge of her as a practitioner but hold her in the highest regard as a person, business woman and coach so totally trusted that she could help me.

I was very surprised that Fi spent a great deal of time delving into my history, emotional, physical, energy levels etc and because of her approach, I felt comfortable sharing. Other practitioners I had seen seemed more focused on the symptoms where Fi seemed to be seeking a cause far beyond an actual injury.

To be honest I doubted it would make a difference as her approach was so gentle. Fi explained everything she was doing and why. I simply relaxed and allowed her to listen and guide. She explained that due to issues from many years prior, my body was reacting in a way that was not allowing me to have vibrant health and energy.

After my first session, I felt a little light headed and the pain was most definitely less. Over the next few days my energy levels seemed to improve a little. I returned for my next session shortly afterwards and Fi also gave me guidance above and beyond my expectation around life balance including supplementation, which I have found invaluable.

A few weeks on I had a few twinges of pain in my upper back and my collar bone area was a little sensitive although now I’m blessed to say I’m pain free. My energy levels are great when I stay on track with the steps I know I need to be taking (including allowing time for relaxation and quality sleep etc.) I’ve also noticed that overall, my life balance has improved.

I am so grateful to Fi for her gentle care, guidance and wisdom.

– Carolyn Edwards – Entrepreneur, Traveller, Mum and Nana,
Whangarei, New Zealand

My LifeStyle Consult with Fi was fantastic!

To me, a great coach knows how to ask the right questions – and Fi’s questions were absolutely 100% spot on and helped me self-realize my behaviour and problem-solve things I could do to change.

Fi knows how to listen – she would make sure that everything she says is 100% relevant and in line with my personal wants and needs.

Fi is probably the most experienced LifeStyle Consultant I’ve met – and I’ve met and worked with quite a few of them. She has a profound medical background, knows her stuff and walks the walk.

– Christine Schickinger – Neurographik Practitioner + Trainer, Munich, Germany

The main health concern I had when I first started working with Fi was my lowered immunity, I was finding flu’s and colds hard to keep away and even harder to get rid of. Fi gave me thorough and practical lifestyle adjustments to make, including building some low GI natural foods and nutritionals into my daily routine.

These have made a massive change to my situation. My immunity was better straight away, and I was able to battle the bugs way more efficiently.

Practical experience is what gives me confidence in Fi, and just her spark, energy and healthy appearance are living proof of her suggestions. Just starting with her health-style steps would make a massive difference to anybody.

– Shannon Pepper – Designer, Business Owner, Auckland, NZ

Fiona’s credentials, background and personal journey of creating health and business success in her own life, make her an ideal health and business coach. In addition to her immense knowledge in the wellness industry and how to create a flourishing business, Fiona’s ability to really listen and truly understand her client’s challenges enables her to really get underneath what is standing in the way of their success. She blends practical steps and planning with heart-felt coaching and encouragement. You have a business coach that knows what she is talking about, can give the exact steps needed to get you where you want to go, will hold you accountable, can intuitively help you see things you may be believing or doing that are sabotaging your success and the whole time she will cheerlead and encourage you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

– Carmen Marshall – Lifestyle & Business Expert, Miami, USA

I have known Fi for a year now, as a mentor, and consultant on personal health issues. Fi’s medical background, continous study and a panel of professionals at her fingertips, makes me feel completely comfortable sharing personal health issues and ensuring precise and simple helpful advice. Fi is understanding and empowering, which I find essential for personal development.
She has vast experience both personal and through working closely with others, that she accesses to assist in a way you can connect with, and then allows you to develop the action plan together. When I have not followed through, I am completely comfortable sharing this with Fi and she encourages me effectively in my next steps.

Fi’s passion for health is evident in the way she deals with people and assists not only on a health level, but a holistic level incorporating body mind and soul.

– Lois Wolkers – Parent – South Africa

‘What struck me when I first met Fi was her deep knowledge base and passion for this field. Her level of dedication to helping people make a positive impact on their health is second to none. From the very outset Fi caters to you and your needs, creating a caring and non-judgmental environment. She takes into account your current state and your ultimate goal, then gently guides you towards that end goal. And she does it in such a way that is neither condescending nor daunting.

Rather, it’s inspiring. In the very first week of my health plan I noticed an improvement in my energy levels, and from there on in it’s been great. Fi has opened my eyes to looking consciously at both my food and my lifestyle in general. She has helped me make smarter choices for my body.

Now I literally crave healthier foods and my energy levels are rocking! Truly, if you want a better way of life, with a darn site more energy, at the very least I’d recommend you book an initial consultation with Fi.’

– Jane Wrigglesworth – publisher, editor, writer, Auckland

‘Fi has an extensive knowledge of the human body from her profession as an Osteopath and her years of diligent study into wellness. Her general knowledge of healthy living and health products are extensive, as are the collection of success stories she has of people she has helped.
Fi’s background as an Osteopath qualifies her to answer health related questions. She “walks the walk” in health so I listen to her advice but can also watch her in action. She lives in true integrity with what she teaches.

If you want a ‘no-nonsense’, personally-tailored health plan to reach your specific health goals that works – Fi is the woman to speak to. She is upfront and to the point. She has a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record. Her holistic approach to wellness covers all dimensions of life.

Fi is a leader in the wellness industry because she lives what she teaches. Her theories and understandings are backed by personal experience. She is trustworthy, honest and has the best interest of others at heart. She does not let you get away with the easy out when she knows this is not what is best for you. She stands strong in her convictions and leads by example.’

– Hilary Johnson – mortgage broker and business owner, Auckland

‘I have always appreciated Fi’s high level of integrity, knowledge and trust in the area of health.  She is one of the few people who I feel completely confident to share any personal information regarding my own or my family’s health and will always get a well thought out, knowledgeable and caring response.

Fi’s ability to help others in the area of health is well grounded in her huge depth of knowledge, not only from her osteopathic background but her ongoing research, personal development and her openness to new information in all realms of life.

Fi’s openness and approachability are some of her best strengths when it comes to helping others and enabling them to benefit from her huge knowledge of physical improvement.

I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who was seeking the right person to work with them to help with their health.’

– Clare Lindsay – parent, philanthropist , New Zealand

‘I’ve known Fiona since 1996, and I have a high level of respect for her as a person of high integrity and honesty.  Her depth of knowledge in matters of health has always been incredibly helpful for me personally and it has been a great asset to be able to call on her for relevant, up to date and positive health assistance.

Fi’s direct, genuine approach to health has meant I am able to rely on her as a mentor and health advisor to give me honest and well thought out feedback and I never have to second guess if she is the one I should ask.’

–Mo Ryan – parent, entrepreneur and business owner, Auckland

Testimonials From My Workshops in Jakarta, Indonesia


‘Your workshop was awesome! I’m pleased I now have more specific information about a healthy approach to my running”

Arief S.

“Such an interesting topic for injury prevention – especially in relation to my long distance running”

– Bintar M.

‘I loved your workshop! We need more of them! And I’m looking forward to making your pre and post-work out smoothies.”

– Sekasari S.

‘It was valuable to hear your approach to consistent results, and the stories you shared about results we can achieve”

– Santri F.

‘I now have more knowledge not just about running itself – also about how I can maintain a healthy lifestyle”

– Sri W.

‘I finally have the most important steps I need for effective ultra distance running”

 Badra C.

‘ This topic is very useful for us – especially for effective preparation for long distance running that we do – thank you!”

– Fredy T.