So who’s Fi?

My mission is to help you experience an
energy-filled life, so you too are present to the journey of self-discovery, growth and balance. That’s our birthright!

How it all began

I’d been running one of my Integrated Health Centres for a few years, when I realised many of the people we were helping were keeping busy schedules, experiencing various health challenges – usually including low energy, plus a lack of life-balance.

And then it happened.

I was out late one night wrapping up a business meeting after working all day, when I was knocked over by a car on a pedestrian crossing and almost killed.

It left me unable to work for months and my business suffered.

That accident prompted me to realise I needed to think outside the square for a viable way to serve my clients. Because if my clients weren’t coming to me anymore then maybe I could go to them!

I decided to go to the source – the workplace that many of my clients were coming from – and this is when I ended up co-running a Corporate Wellness Business with my sister.

Again I spotted that whilst there were a myriad of health challenges we were helping with; more often than not, there was this common thread of low energy and a lack of life-balance. Pretty much across-the-board, I was also witnessing a level of stress for my clients especially in relation to money and making sure they were working hard enough to have enough of it to live. And when I paused to think about it – I felt it too.

So after doing my research, making my selection and finding my mentor, I started on my journey to create financial freedom.

My next step was a natural one – to offer solutions to create long term results with both health and finances. The results for my clients have been so encouraging.

My calling to travel, combined with a strong sense I wanted to serve a larger number in need, prompted me to begin working online. And this is where I realised the need for specialising in natural ways to increase our energy, whilst providing a viable vehicle for creating our own life-long, residual income. The kind of income that flows to us whether we’re at the beach drinking from a coconut, or having a lie-in, holidaying in Europe, or on a road trip in the USA.

Globe-trotting with my husband is where Project1M was born; with our mission to positively impact the lives of one million people.

Who was I before

It’s funny to think back now, and remember the days before working virtually as a LifeStyle Consultant and Millionaire Coach.

I used to direct our 3 Integrated Health Centres in New Zealand, having followed my passion for travel in my early 20’s doing various locums en route from the UK to NZ.

And before that, it was my dad’s premature death whilst I was in my first year of Osteopathic College in the UK, and my inherited health challenges prompting doctors to give me a 3 year life-prognosis, that got me started on my journey to create my own healthy lifestyle

 My gut told me that medication didn’t have to be the only way, and that I wasn’t alone with needing a Plan B.

And before that, I began experimenting with different food-styles in my early teens.

Growing up I was the go-to person to care for our large pet menagerie.

So it was my fascination for the way our bodies work that lead me to study health-related subjects.

It was around now that I began my entrepreneurial journey by paying my way through college with various auxiliary nursing jobs, and taught classical guitar.

And before that, I first knew I wanted to be a health practitioner when friends used to ask me to massage their backs during reading-time-on-the-mat in primary school!

It’s cool to think those early back-tickling days as a 6 year old set me on my way to being a ‘health detective’ entrepreneur, and to meeting you!

Enough about me!…

…I’d love to know about you. Tell me your story by emailing me at if you’re ready to connect, or you can check out here what others have to say.

I’m here to add more value to your world than you’ve imagined by empowering you with the tools to improve your health and lifestyle.

What I stand for

Living life to the fullest!

I believe that each of us deserve to experience a juicy life – in all areas. Especially with our health and our finances.

I noticed I’m not alone in how long it took me to realise the value of my health, and the kind of LifeStyle that allows the space and time to enjoy it. I compromised my health with a crazy work schedule and traded my quality time with my family ‘being busy’.

Fortunately I wised up a few years later and looked for solutions. And I found them.

And when I applied the steps they worked wonders. I got my life back, with energy to burn.

And that’s why I’m so passionate about this. Because I found a way and I can help you do the same.

My mission is to help you experience an energy-filled life, so you too are present to the journey of self-discovery, growth, balance and financial freedom that’s our birthright.

And I believe we can each do this with a few gentle nudges that don’t have to be hard going, or take too long.

    What’s in the pipeline?

      • Articles for online magazines, and publications including newsletters.

      • Ebooks to design your own health-style

      • Crafting an online self-help program

      • Keynotes and interactive seminars

      • Health talks to groups including workshops to parents and teachers at schools, (as part of the fundraising program for her 2Gether Foundation)

      • Speaking tours in Australia, Asia & Europe

        And Fi speaks.…including

          • Health-focused Workshops/Seminars and Webinars - for a variety of groups; from parents and teachers at schools, to women wanting to balance their hormones naturally, and athletes wanting to maximise their energy and minimise their injuries (as part of the fundraising program for her ‘2Gether Foundation’)

            More details here.

          • Speaking tours in NZ, Australia, Asia & Europe

            How Fi adds fun & adventure to her life

            Fi raises funds to help others to help themselves…

            From cycling the length of the UK for a local hospital in her late teens, to doing the same here in New Zealand only this time on a tandem bike with a blind cycling companion to raise funds for a NZ not-for-profit organization…to swimming 100km to feed kids in need…

            …to walking various ‘mad dogs and englishmen’ crazy distances in the UK with her faithful family-hound in tow. And more recently in NZ, including 100km non-stop to help build wells for water in Africa…

            …to founding my own non-profit organization The 2Gether Foundation, to provide budding New Zealand entrepreneurial women with micro finance business loans, who otherwise may not be able to set up shop.

              I’m here to coach you on your journey from where you are to where you choose to be.
              Your Lifestyle On Cruise Control.

                Fi’s ‘health-style’ and ‘life-style’ vision

                A world of health and freedom! And to this end Fi explores the boundaries of health & lifestyle possibilities for herself and shares solutions with those keen to live their best life.

                Combining a love of travel and exploring new places is taking her vision global. And by giving back at home through her 2Gether Foundation, she’s making a difference on her doorstep as well.

                Fun, random facts you may not know about Fi

                Fi sings – her TV debut was from the top of the 150 foot mast of a square rigged TallShip in Auckland Harbour on her wedding day

                …and a full-on adrenaline experience as a backing singer on stage in the USA to an audience of 2000.

                Fi’s a pilot – learning how to fly in New Zealand helped her fall in love with the country, and decide to move from the UK

                Fi’s played leading classical guitar in a London performance for Prince Charles. He was smiling, so she thinks he enjoyed it!

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