Vibrant Living Institute

Quick checklist to see if you’re in the right place…

  • You’re ready for more energy, better digestion, hormonal balance, reaching your ideal shape, improved sleep, more inclination to exercise, a sense of space + life-balance, increased stress-resilience and even vitality on a daily basis (rather than once in a blue moon)

  • You’d like to experience positive change with your health + finances – with your LifeStyle

  • It’s time for you to access resources that are trialed-and-tested, and they work

  • Our systems are proven, and award-winning. They excel in terms of integrity, tools and coaching

  • You’d like to be a part of a movement; something bigger than you

  • You know that the only way to know systems work is when we get results. So you get the peace of mind that you’re accessing what works

The Vibrant Living Institute founder, Fi Jamieson-Folland D.O is a leading expert who knows about Health on a core level. A prominent entrepreneur and LifeStyle Consultant who’s run 6 of her own successful businesses, Fi’s also experienced considerable health challenges first hand. She’s taken all of her experience, knowledge and success-secrets working with clients and on her own health journey since 1988, and put them into The Vibrant Living Institute.

As part of our system, you have access to our weekly global LIVE calls, plus specific coaching calls. These are where you’ll access the nitty gritty for both your health-progress and your personal development

It doesn’t matter where you’re based – you can access all materials globally.

  • You get to connect with and learn from Fi, a woman who lives what she teaches – from being a Global-Citizen; to a personification of a Healthy LifeStyle. And now you can too...she’s all about showing you how.

  • And there’s no coincidence that Fi + her husband Chris have created Project 1M. They’re focused on positively impacting the lives of 1,000,000 people worldwide with improved health + financial freedom

  • Have the option to become part of our unique, global community of like-minded health-preneurs, and tap into cutting-edge wellness-industry tools